Creative: Selfie vs Self-Portrait

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This film shouldn’t be taken too seriously even though what I say is true. Well, at least mostly true. My history of turning the camera on myself began in the early 90s while studying photojournalism. An assignment, with a 4×5 no less, to photograph me. The entire class mutinied. Ultimately, we were forced to complete the assignment and so began my anti-love affair with the self-portrait.

However, in the age of the selfie, one of the worst uses of time in history, I have fallen back in love with GOOD self-portraiture. A selfie is about the “me,” while a self-portrait is about the image and the components within that image. Selfies are valueless and vapid, mostly, but the self-portrait can be used in a variety of professional ways. Again, this isn’t critical to our photographic survival but it sure is entertaining to ponder these things.