BikeLife: One Tire Fits All

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Bike geeks and tire width geeks might not be happy with this film or my assessment of the situation. One tire fits all. And no I’m not running tubeless and have no intention of doing so in the short term. The Salsa is a jack-of-all-trades bike that is capable of any kind of riding you can throw at it. Consequently, tire choice is a bit of a challenge because the bike isn’t locked into any specific genre.

Want to ride singletrack? Gravel? Road? Tour? All the above? Great, this bike is ready. I’ve tried an assortment of tires over the years, including a lot of the newer 40-45 gravel tires but NOTHING is quite like the Marathon Plus Tour, and now running 700×45 I finally feel like I have my tire solution pegged. Heavy but utterly indestructible and at home on all surfaces this feels like the tire of tires.