Creative: Conversation Series, Rick Schatzberg

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Welcome to the “Conversation Series.” My goal is to introduce you to photographers, artists, designers, illustrators, writers, bookmakers, consultants, and others involved in the creative industry. This community comprises the infrastructure of the creative world. In addition to the artists themselves, I’ll be speaking with editors, agents, art buyers, curators, gallerists, and others who form the structure behind the assignment world. From editorial to advertising, from photojournalism to fine art, and from collectors to archivists. Talented people who have devoted their lives to creating the work that shapes the visual world. (And to have fun along the way.)

Rick Schatzberg and I were total strangers until Lori Grinker came along, so thanks to Lori for making the introduction. Rick was kind enough to send me a copy of his book “The Boys,” which instantly became a singular entity on my bookshelf. “The Boys” is a story-driven book about friendship and loss through the veil of snapshots, portraits, and a sense of place. This is NOT a book about Rick professing his photographic excellence. (Many of my books are more photographer-driven publications.)

I felt both longing and fascination when first opening this book.

Longing for the lasting friendship Rick and his friends had and still have all these years later. And fascination because Rick’s tribe looks enough like other tribes that I felt, in some sense, I knew the men in the images. Rick’s story is also one of multiple lives, careers and lessons learned. A holder of the MFA in fine art with multiple photo programs under his belt. A humbling yet eye-opening experience he is kind enough to share. I felt like our conversation was just getting started when the outside world came to take me away. Hopefully, this is just the first of a series of conversations. Thanks, Rick.