Creative: Website Refresh

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Welcome to the new Lighter, tighter, and easily making weight for the modern creative fight. Thank you to Charlene and Flemming for helping me with this project. The idea here was to simplify while also adding a few key tactics. As you will see, the tabs have been reduced and neatly tucked under a small drop-down menu. Things like About, AG23, Subscribe are here as well as a general “Creative” tab that will now encompass the vast majority of my posts regardless of content. Easier, simpler, cleaner.

Also, at the bottom of the homepage, you will see icons for both Discord and Patreon. Discord is a way for us to continue a more precise conversation outside of the comment feature. In addition, Discord provides a good platform for critiques and image discussion. Patreon was something that kept coming up in email and conversation which prompted me to add this to the site. (I’m working on my first perk for Patreon folks as we speak, and it’s a good one.)

At heart, I am a man who likes to wander with 50mm, an audio recorder, and my notebook. My ultimate goal is to return to longer posts that detail my personal experiences in the field making still photographs, recording ambient sound, and focusing on the written word. And yes, there will be a newsletter. Build a community ONE individual human at a time. Welcome.