BikeLife: From Salsa with Love, Fargo Ti Rebuild

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First, thank you to Salsa Cycles for going above and beyond. My beloved 2014 Fargo Ti is no more but the 2022 version of this beautiful machine steps in. The rebuild took several months but also came with serious decisions about what this bike would become. Single-speed, carbon components, tubeless tires, and a mix of holdover parts from the older bike. Make no mistake, this is a beautiful bike, so much so that it stops even non-riders in their tracks. Light, durable, simple, and built to last. This bike becomes my ONLY bike once again.

The goal is to integrate the Fargo into my personal and professional lives, using it for both health, training, and fun as well as using it as a tool for reducing vehicle-based travel. Bikes are the future, at least to a certain extent, and this rebuild is my first step toward making the shift, no pun intended. A special thanks to Bailey at Sincere Cycles for showing incredible patience and knowledge. Without him, this would have never happened.