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Okay, this is a lot of fun and something I am VERY excited to share with you because, in great part, YOU are why I’m doing this. But before I get any further along please allow me to thank Charlene and Flemming who are going to be working with me to make Shifter into something new. How does one survive outside of big tech and social media? Here’s how. You must know, however, several key things on the front end.

First, I have no stake in this game. I have zero interest in selling, building a huge following, or being known as a photographer. However, I KNOW that many of you do, so the plan is to use as an example of how you would do this. I’ve been blogging since 2002 and have a decent community, so I can show you want I did, but more importantly what I’m about to do.

The site will undergo a simplification, a few design changes, and will take much of what I post and consolidate things under ONE menu item. In addition, things like a newsletter, a Discord server, a photography tab, a transaction element, and a print arm will all become major pieces of the puzzle. Now, here is the hard part.

To do what I’m doing you must work hard enough and long enough to make something that is as unique to you as possible. Do you have something to say? If not, don’t try this yet. If so, go for it. This is about building ONE true connection at a time. No buying following or claiming bots as “friends.” I look forward to where this is going because I don’t actually know.