Creative: FWIW Visual Podcast, Episode #001

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So, I have this podcast. For What It’s Worth. I’ve done approximately seventy, one-hour episodes. I am not suggesting you listen to this podcast. I am explaining that it is a thing. I love audio, recording audio, and ambient sound, so this was the original idea behind the podcast. Record sounds and talk about random things. I currently find myself in major planning mode. Four months of nonstop travel on the horizon and dozens of details to manage. What time does this leave for things like films and podcasts? No much. So, I’ve combined the two. My wonky YouTube channel and my podcast. I answer basic questions such as who is this podcast for? Who is my hero of the week, and who is my GOAT of the week? We talk about the demise of DP Review (not good), my new lens, the Honda 300L Rally, upcoming workshops and events, and much, much more. Oh, did I mention new puke stories? Yes, we cover those too. The world is too grand to limit ourselves to photography. Let’s table a bit more and see what happens.