Creative: FWIW Visual Podcast, Episode #002

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See Dan ramble. Here we find the second episode of For What It’s Worth Visual Podcast, the motion edition of my audio podcast. Remember, these are random topics and I’m ONE guy with ONE opinion. I try to remain centrist in my life because most of what I see around me makes me think as a species we have strayed too close to the crocodile-infested river. We ignore the warning signs as we open another Busch Lite while reaching for our illegal fireworks. I’m not here to ban books or make you watch the ten things I love about the ten things I hate video. I’m not here to tell you what to do with your body or who to vote for. I’m not here saying we can plug the holes before we start taking on serious water. Bikes motos, cameras, AI, embracing change, and much, much more.