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Yes, still in the van and still fielding questions. You can’t stop me, I’m mobile, agile, and hostile. Okay, not really. I stole that from a movie I can’t remember.

1. 1:18, Is black and white in photojournalism dead?

2. 4:00, Box Speed, 200, and process normal? Push? Pull?

3. 9:25, How do I drive traffic to my site without Instagram?

4. 13:50, Can you tell me how to do a detached photo essay?

5. 18:07, What bike hub if you could only have one?

6. 24:30, Why a 50mm and tell me more about compression?

7. 27:24, Why are you now doing conceptual work and how do you think about it?

8. 31:24, Have you ever thought of working as a photo editor?

9. 34:30, What do you think of Lance Armstrong and the Tour de France?