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Keep these questions coming people. Hot and heavy. A barrage if you will and I have many more to get to. But after twelve hours in the local library, the librarians are starting to think I moved in. So for now, these will have to suffice. Thank you to those who sent questions.

1. 40 seconds, Have you ever mixed 35mm and 120?

2. 2:45, What do you think about doing multiple projects at one time?

3. 4:15, How broad or narrow should a project be?

4. 6:29, How did I learn Spanish?

5. 8:30, Visual language, does it change or stay the same?

6. 11:40, How do you journal?

7. 16:19, What is great? Does THIS change over time?

8. 18:38, Do you have any DAM advice? (Digital Asset Management)