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I love these. When I feel like I haven’t been productive enough I crank out a Question and Answer and all feels right with the world. Maybe I need to hear my own voice. Maybe it’s all ego. You just never know. On a dark and stormy day here in New Mexico I field your questions once again. One man, one opinion. Nothing more, nothing less.

1. 3:00, How would you exhibit stills and audio?

2. 5:55, Should I feel bad about not being a professional photographer?’

3. 10:54, We know you love books and magazines but do you make prints as well?

4. 14:21, I never like losing data in the fold of a double-page spread. Is there a good workaround and are landscape and square books crutches?

5. 18:44, Do you ever shoot for publication in the field?

6. 22:49, What did you do for Lyme that finally helped you get over the hump?

7. 29:34, How do you use your audio recorder in the field and what about recording people?

8. 32:28, Do viewers today still have the ability to engage with black and white photography?