Creative: Visual Diary Peru #004

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My Peru trip is complete. Three weeks that felt like three months. This is what happens when you cover so much ground the week prior disappears from memory. A great group of people who blended well together and brought a wide range of personalities and flair. Modern Peru is very different from the Peru of old.

Three weeks can only provide a taste of what the country has to offer.

Flying out from Cusco to Lima, I had a window seat. Looking down on dirt roads switchbacking up incredible mountain faces made me want to abandon my life, load up the Himalayan, and head south. (Or load up the Salsa and do the same.) The lure of the Andes is strong and I feel like even after three trips I’ve not yet scratched the surface. My wife asked if I would return to teach again. I said “Yes,” and also said, “I want to return to the Amazon.” Such more to do, so little time.

I placed experience over photography on this trip, and I’m glad I did. I still walked away with images I liked, and the journal I will create will be solid. The X100V is the perfect teaching camera due to its size and weight but I’m not sure it would be the camera I would use were I focused on my own work. (I will explain this more in an upcoming Q&A.) Traveling like this is a privilege. I’m old enough to understand this and appreciate what I’ve been given. Latin America is endless and I love it.