Creative: Question and Answer 56

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Thank you to all those who sent questions. A lot of good ideas to discuss here. I’m one person with one opinion, so take what you hear for what it’s worth. There is much to be done. Spain editing and bookmaking class.

1. 2:40, Are you still using Tenba?

2. 6:10, What is your opinion of the recent ripping of Annie?

3. 11:07, What are the best magazines to subscribe to?

4. 16:00, Should doc photographers use drone images as establishing shots?

5. 18:00, Who are the three people we should look at from Paris Photo? Three books?

6. 23:33, How do you develop film?

7. 25:00, If you had the chance to be an ads director for a feature film do you think your photography background would help?

8. 28:00, Will you do a review of the Zf?

9. 33:45, How do I continue a project without being seen as exploitative?

10. 35:45, Are you still using your business card?

11. 38;16, Can you talk about the “above the line work,” vs the “below the line?”