Creative: Visual Diary Episode #001

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People, this is supposed to be fun. Thanks to the assistance of many others, and the sprinkling in of good fortune, I can live a life that, by some measures, might be considered perversely enjoyable. I don’t know. But I know that I’m keen on blogging, which means I might also be keen on vlogging.

Many years ago I was exposed to the visual diary of photojournalist Tim Hetherington. Tim had an exhibition at Aperture Foundation in New York. I visited the show and was impressed by the work but was even more intrigued by a short “diary” style film they were showing in a small room just off from the main exhibition. Although semi-crude with almost no production value, the film was honest and simple and consequently impactful. I’ve never forgotten that short film. (He also went on do to Restrepo if you haven’t seen it. It’s full on and worth your time.)

I need to get better at filmmaking. One way to do this is to shoot a helluva lot more than I am currently, so this visual diary serves many purposes. Please don’t confuse this series with anything meant to be poignant in the terms of today. What this series will show is more of who I am in real life. Having said that, prepare yourself for childish behavior, temper tantrums, and off-color humor which is the only redeeming feature of my existence.