Create: Books I Love, Episode 001

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I thought I needed to undertake even MORE filmmaking adventures. My wife and I have a serious photobook collection and I thought it would be useful to share some of these beauties and also share why I think they are so wonderful. I also thought it would be useful for those who envision the photobook as being an integral part of their future. Long Story Bit by Bit, Liberia Retold by Tim Hetherington is well worth your time, attention and money.

There is simply no comparison between looking at photography online, or on a screen, and looking at the same work in book form. There have been digital breakthroughs over the years but all have faded and vanished in very short amounts of time. I don’t consider social to be looking at work because what I’ve experienced is that social viewers can’t remember what they have seen even minutes after their viewing experience ends. (I’ve been asking people for over five years.)

Also, a book like the one I feature here is the work of a TEAM of highly skilled individuals each bringing specific expertise to the table. The photographer is the backbone but the others are equally critical when it comes to the book itself. (Umbrage) These books are testaments, they are permanent and require a level of critical thinking sorely lacking in much of our fast-paced society. The book, in some ways, is the antithesis of modern culture, and for this, I love it even more.