Creative: Ten Questions, Stefan Falke

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Welcome to the new series “Ten Questions.” Creative professionals make much of the best work we see, but how does that work come to exist, and what makes these creative types tick? In this series, I will interview artists, writers, photographers, illustrators, designers, and anyone who lives life through a creative lens. My goal is to introduce these artists and their work to my YouTube audience.

There is a major difference between online celebrity and real-world, industry relevance. Both are relevant in these most modern times, but knowing the difference is key to improving as a professional and key to adding to a visual conversation. Stefan Falke is a New York-based photographer who does assignment work and long-term projects. During COVID he undertook a project titled “Keep Going New York.” The work was published in Blurb form and the book has gone on to do quite well. Falke has also done long-term projects on Trinidad and the US/Mexico border.