Adventure: Suggestions, Five Bikes

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I’m no bike expert. Let’s get that straight right from the beginning. (Famous for talking centimeters instead of millimeters.) But in today’s market, the average consumer has hundreds of bike options, something that can often make the entire process of getting a bike feel a bit overwhelming. I’m here to help with my pseudo-random suggestions.

I’m aiming mostly at gravel style bikes because they offer a jack of all trades strategy allowing for the end-user to set up the bike in a myriad of ways. Road, bikepacking, commute, tour, or cyclocross if you are feeling frisky. Cycling, in my humble opinion, is one of the best modes of exercise ever devised. The bicycle has been one of the most strategic inventions in history that also comes with a remarkable ROI, both financial and physical.

Salsa Journeyman

Trek Dual Sport 4

Priority 600

Specialized Diverge

Jamis Renegade