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Well, it was a LONG time coming but with great pleasure, I bring you the overview of AG23 Issue Two. This begins with a LONG list of people to thank, including you. Rick Elder, the team at Beyond, Blurb Large Order Services, designer Zoë Sadokiersky and web designer Jay Neely among others. But also wanted to thank those of you who wrote expressing frustration about the current shipping reality. We hear you. Haven’t solved this yet but did make a tweak you might appreciate. As we emerge from C19 we see a bright future of additional possibility. And a final thanks go to the contributors themselves. We are honored these folks engaged with us and now we hope you engage with them. This project is NOT about Beyond or Blurb. We want you to know these contributors who we feel are doing solid work and are worthy of your time. In a world battling for undivided attention, we feel these folks deserve just that. Our mission statement remains the same. “Promote understanding through dialogue and art.” The Zine is NOT a precious object but merely a catalyst for thought.

Courtney White

Colin Finlay

Elena Dorfman

Hannah Kozak

Jan Butchofsky

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