Creative: Question and Answer 40

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I did not intend to do another Question and Answer film until after I returned to New Mexico, but I got slammed with questions, some of which having a time element. One guy, one opinion.

1. 1:36, What do you think of the media?

2. 8:07, How do you stay on track when confronted by a new palette?

3. 11:25, Can you tell us about your binoculars?

4. 13:47, Are your multi-exposures done in camera?

5. 14:56, Did you buy a GoRuck GR1?

6. 16:20, What print projects are you working on?

7. 20:17, Are you going to Paris in the fall?

8. 22:25, Can you give us a Maine birding update?

9. 24:07, How should I document a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood?

10. 27:26, Is Google enough for research?

11. 29:22, Push/Pull/Box Speed?

12. 31:08, Should I get releases?