Creative: Question and Answer 42

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Hey, just what everyone wanted. A Neistat-looking and sounding review of the Fuji XH2. (Good grief how many of these does anyone need?) Instead, I’ll roundhouse you with yet another Question and Answer film. And I’ll ask the same thing. How many of these does anyone need? Just a few more is my official answer.

1. 4:54, What do you think of AI?

2. 13:09, Best idea for making side income?

3. 16:53, Best way to do a short-term project. (That isn’t short-term.)

4. 18:50, How do I find a good fixer. Not just an unknown fixer.

5. 21:15, How did you avoid burnout when shooting every day and how does one connect with a subject you might not agree with?

6. 28:53, Do you use the film simulations on the Fuji?

7. 32:13, What time do you go to bed? Wake? Routine?

8. 35:00, How do critique someone’s work?