Create: How to do Long Term Projects, Part One

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If you endure all twenty-plus minutes of this you deserve a cash reward. Tough love. Remember that. Tough love. I know tough love is not something readily available in the online world where the facade of ease and perfection is the norm. Long term projects are one of the most rewarding things you can do with a camera, and perhaps one of the most important. Regardless of your skill level, you too can proceed with in-depth work. (But it might not be easy.)

Let’s talk ATTACHED photography projects. Long form, long range, long term and how to go about doing them. Also, this is part one, and it’s a long one but what else do I have to do other than record myself? As you will see, I learned the hard way about the Fuji turning off after “X” amount of time. Oops. But don’t fear, I’m a tech genius and was soon back on my feet.

The photo essay, the attached variety, is critically important, at least in the photography world, and historically they have even helped shape world events and policy. We need them today perhaps more than ever before. I will return with part two. You’ve chosen your project and are about to begin. Until then, just relax.