Creative: Conversation Series, Frank Jackson

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Welcome to the “Conversation Series.” My goal is to introduce you to photographers, artists, designers, illustrators, writers, bookmakers, consultants, and others involved in the creative industry. This community comprises the infrastructure of the creative world. In addition to the artists themselves, I’ll speak with editors, agents, art buyers, curators, gallerists, and others who form the structure behind the assignment world. From editorial to advertising, from photojournalism to fine art, and from collectors to archivists. Talented people who have devoted their lives to creating the work that shapes the visual world. (And to have fun along the way.)

Frank Jackson doesn’t fit in. I don’t know another photographer quite like him. Adept at traditional, adept at digital, and trained at quiet projects. Compiling moments, compiling a history, and using photography for its form and message. I met Frank in Los Angeles in the late 1990s and we’ve been friends ever since. He was part of the inaugural issue of AG23 and has a dozen other projects going at all times including a recent forty-day artist in residency. He’s a journal keeper, a printmaker, a traveler, a jazz lover, a coffee lover and he damn sure knows his way around an IBM Selectric. (Something I didn’t know.) But there is something at play. Curiosity. Like the hum from a power line, always there and sounding out a force into the great expanse of the world. Penetrating like radiation into everything he does and everything he knows.