Create: Let’s Talk Camera Reviews, Fujifilm by Flemming Bo Jensen (a real review)

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There is a lot of good in the world. And there is a lot of good online. And then there is a lot of stuff that makes me question the survival of our species. People camping in tarps in -40 temperatures. People building bug-out shelters in blizzards while eating moss and hunting with sharpened chopsticks. And let us not forget the sellers of “Zen” who always seem to be wearing thongs while wading in mountain rivers? Please explain. Watch this camera review from Flemming Bo Jensen and see the kind of information that actually makes sense to someone like me.

Camera reviews, most of them, fall into the bewildering category. Harmless, for sure, but not quite usable or relevant for someone like me. Randon street images or pictures from the park do nothing for someone who needs to know if a camera ACTUALLY works in a real-life, real-world, assignment-type situation.

Thankfully, from time to time, the camera companies halt their shameless pandering to those squeaky wheels and end up loaning a camera to someone who actually knows how to use it. In turn, this person does a review that actually means something. Enter Flemming. This review is about imagery, story, and assignment, not to mention making shot lists, working with a team, working for a major brand, and a one-chance assignment. THIS is a lot different from a menu walk-through and then a random street image that doesn’t really illustrate how capable the camera really is.

I guess I’m in the minority because the view count on these “normal” reviews is astounding. I’m not sure who is watching these but apparently A LOT of people are. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Films about imagery receive almost no love while some new filter gets millions of people watching and watching and watching. All I can say is “Well done Fujifilm,” and let’s see more of these. (And congrats to Flemming and Denmark and the band for that matter.)

Link to the review.