Create: How to Photograph on Vacation

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Hey Kids, so I’ve started a real filmmaking portion of my “career.” As many of you know, I tried this many times in the past and it never worked. For some still unknown reason, this time it stuck and I’m actually loving the process.

The goal? Features. Is this a realistic goal with my lifestyle? No. Will I still announce this as my intention? Sure, why not? I want to know how to make feature-length films. In fact, I WILL make a feature in the next few years. All by my lonesome. Will it be good? Probably not but that never stopped me before and it surely won’t know.

I recently went on vacation and built out a small film about making pictures while taking time off. This would seem like an easy scenario, and it is to some degree, but it can also make everyone around you a bit crazy. I’m posting these films to Marc Silber’s channel on YouTube because he asked me to do so. So far, it’s been working well.

I don’t have any real goal of subscribers, likes, views, etc. which I think puts me in the minority on YouTube. I’m trying to learn and to share, that’s it. Here is last week’s film. Stay tuned for many, many more.