Creative: Bigger, Better, Beyond (for Blurb)

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Much of what I do for Blurb may or may not come to your attention. I write for the blog, do workshops, give lectures and develop creative materials including still images and short films. Last year we embarked on a new series titled “From The Van With Dan,” which details some of the adventures and misadventures I have while traversing the country in a metal box. This series ended up winning a marketing award, but more importantly, represents the style of work I want to do more of.

What I need to do is get better. My filmmaking chops are puny, that I will admit, but it won’t be this way forever. I have a plan, a strategy and the desire. What amazes me is the amount of content needed for something as short and as simple as a film like this. It has to be a ten-to-one or twenty-to-one ratio. Throw in sound, copy, the editing and creation process and you have a handful of prison labor on your hands. But, what a language filmmaking is. Endless. Stay tuned.