Adventure: The Birder

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I just met this guy while riding my bike. Super nice. Walking with his long lens and spotting scope. I stopped to confess my dual love of birding and lack of training. I had NO IDEA who this guy was or what he level of skill he has but take one look at this film and be prepared to be blown away. Or better yet, have a listen to what he can do. I’ve said this before, and will say it again, birders are the most educated, focused, driven set of humans I’ve met, and Dan proves my point once again. I also think this is a beautiful film. Not fancy cuts or transitions, smart use of the drone and great locations and weather. Just let him be him and get out of the way.

Meeting Dan was the highlight of this ride, and not getting hit by the work trucks who have cart blanche to drive as fast as humanly possible without fear of being ticketed. Maine plays the same tricks the rest of the states do in this regard, but there was also another not-so-subtle reminder of the reality of birds in the modern world. Near a set of trash cans along Route 9 was this dead little beauty. Probably caught pillaging trash. It doesn’t take much. A half second delay, a plumber with a deadline and nature takes another beating. And on this note, read this. A third of North American birds have vanished. I’m no math guy but that seems like a lot.

Okay, an update here. Looks like Dan has agreed to an interview, so we can hear a bit more from the man himself.