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The only thing that matters is the end result. The negatives. The take. As they say, you can’t hide from your contact sheets. Unless you bury them, maybe. The “Good Old Days,” weren’t nearly as good as we want them to be but there were aspects of the lifestyle I miss.

This image, and the rest of this series, are still palatable to me for one reason. I look back on them with regard to the timeframe and the lifestyle I was able to live while making these images. No computer, flip phone, and no internet presence influencing those between moments. And nothing shared in real-time. It was bliss and we didn’t even know it. This is works for me because I think it represents my Leica years and the style I lived with during that time. Short to medium lenses. Film. And just keep going into the field. Same places, same story. Build, build, build. Move on.