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You would be hard-pressed to find a camera system more responsible for the capture of poignant world events than the Leica rangefinder. There is a particular beauty in the concept of “one human” on a mission to document, tell stories, and preserve history. I love to dream that somewhere out there, right this very second, someone like Emile Ducke is carrying on this tradition. And Leica, well, my story with this brand goes back to the beginning of my time with a camera.

Ducke ( The pronunciation of his name is beyond me.) is a winner of the Leica Oscar Barnack Newcomer Award for 2021 and he is deserving. I bring this film to your attention for a variety of reasons. When I find something online, something of value, I want to bring it to your attention because films like this, projects like this, and support like this aren’t as common as you would imagine. So when someone does something good, part of my job is to shine a light. Story, context, history, persistence, and vision. Man, what’s not to like. LOBA