Create: Just Make One

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Just make one. As in books. This film was made for professional photographers who watch this channel if there are any. Many of us were brought up in a photo-culture that made us believe there was one way to make a book. Arduous, expensive, grand, and in the hands of someone else.

Print-on-demand technology arrived in the early 2000s and yet it still feels like many of us haven’t utilized the technology enough to fully comprehend not only how it works but how best to take advantage of the specificity. Enter the idea of “just make one.”

An edition of one is a liberating, inexpensive, and strategic thing. Take my word for it because I’ve been using this strategy for years. Not every book needs public acceptance. Not every book needs an offset book run. Not every book needs a fundraising campaign. Not every book needs a publisher. Not every book needs to be a revenue stream.

One thing I often see getting lost in the bookmaking shuffle is the idea that compared to what else we have to do in life bookmaking is supposed to be fun. Yes, fun. There is nothing wrong with that. Not every step of your photographic life has to be life and death serious. Just explore, make something, and move on with your life.

When the time comes to invest in a full-on publishing project, great, but until then explore the tools at your disposal and just make one. These little experiments, some costing less than five bucks, can lead to all kinds of things.