Creative: Peru, A Miss

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Sometimes life gives you lemonade and you instead turn it back into lemons while accidentally squirting it into your eye or into a paper cut on your favorite finger. Peru is a target-rich, photographic environment but that is no guarantee, especially if you are me. Sometimes we miss even when the circumstances are stacked in our favor. Case in point, my visit to a small, Peruvian town caught in the grips of a beautiful festival. I had two cameras, two lenses, and thirty years of practice, and yet somehow manage to avoid making anything good. But there is a lesson to be learned here, people. Get back on the horse and keep riding. For me, the misses are more motivating than the successes. When in doubt, keep it simple. Focus on what matters, light, timing, and composition, and avoid all distractions. Our Peru workshop is slated for September, and I for one, am ready to go back to redeem myself.