Create: Dear Photographer Part Deux

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Never in my wildest dreams did I think my first installment of “Dear Photographer,” would have any impact. But apparently, it did. Happy to hear. Now, before you go hating let me repeat my opener from the first installment. These bits of advice are things I wish I had known back in the day. Not all of them mind you but many. The rest are things I encounter on a regular basis, things that make me ponder my existence, the meaning of life, and the sheer craziness of this thing called photography. Agree, disagree, no matter. Just putting it out there. Now, go shoot something will ya.

1. 6:00, contact information

2. 8:30, build an archive

3. 11:00, Edgy and authentic

4. 12:55, all that hate is gonna burn you up

5. 15:28, original work

6. 17:52, don’t worry, quit and be happy

7. 20:30, soul over cinematic

8. 23:00, speak when you have something to say

9. 27:00, doom scrolling and hate reading

10. 29:54, act free

11. 33:00, take workshops, keep learning