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There are so many things I wish I knew. Advice, suggestions, heck…even threats would have been good and well deserved. Dear photographer is about this very thing. To do, not to do, take your pick. Being a photographer means different things to different people but some advice transcends all levels and flavors.

1. 2:03, Lazy

2. 3:57, You don’t need it.

3. 6:00, Stop donating to others.

4. 8:13, The bar used to be ten years.

5. 11:30, Quit

6. 14:19, Make photos not content.

7. 18:48, This isn’t fair.

8. 21:48, Six in ten think they are important.

9. 23:05, Don’t let others dictate who you are.

10. 24:59, The old guard still rules, in part.

11. 26:53, Take time off, sport, music, language, and take a break from self-promotion (for the love of God)

12: Small is enough.