Creative: Note to Photographer/Self

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Just recorded a long film then deleted it. I felt like I might be coming across as someone who had all the answers. I don’t. In fact, my success vs. failure rate in life is maybe 50/50, and that is most likely being generous. And when it comes to photography, my success rate is even lower.

On the flipside, I’ve got experience in several areas, so from time to time I might have a bit of relevant information. My “photo-fitness” films have garnered some attention from photographers I respect, people who reached out and said, “These are fun, and they remind me to get my ass out and shoot.” The concept of practicing photography seems to be a hot point for some folks, as if photography isn’t a skill that requires practice.

After years of assisting professional photographers, I can say with certainty that the need to shoot oneself into shape is a very real requirement. I don’t know anyone who shows up and makes five-star imagery from the moment they land on the scene. Photography as a hobby can be anything. Photography as an obsession or profession requires a lot more.