Adventure: Channels I Like

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I only recently found Rolling Existence although they have been making films for years. It’s a fairly common story, at least in the bike touring world. Sold belongings, went on the road, make films from the road, and hope to stay on the road as long as possible. Traveling by bicycle is the best. It really is. Cycling speed is the perfect speed. Far more advantageous than walking, and easier on the body, but slower than motorcycle travel and requiring far less in terms of resources. Car travel isn’t even close.

I think their films are great. Simple yet sharp and with good sound. I also like their setup which rings closer to the classic tour setup meaning tour bike with panniers. Many folks these days are trading the classic setup for the bikepacking rig, which is far cooler but also a real hassle in many ways, at least when it comes to the simplicity, storage and ease of classic panniers. The risk is carrying to much, but by the looks of their kit they have done it right. (I see a lot of bikepacking bikes that have at least a half dozen small bags and bottle holders, plus frame packs and fork mounted odds and ends. I think many of these folks would be better off with a set of small panniers.)

I was joking with some friends that I see a least two or three things a day that make me say to myself “I should quit everything and go do that.”

Rolling Existence is just the latest in a long line of “post-work” lives that I would love to emulate. I’ve said this many times on this channel that bikes are the future, or at least a part of the future. And the beauty is we don’t need to invent them. Bikes are here. We need to invent a new mindset and an infrastructure that provides safety. (In August, Jay Petervary was attempting the FKT on the Tour Divide when he was hit a 1000 miles from the finish.)

Some of my friends think that touring the world on bike is a rare and impossible dream. It’s not. People have been traveling by bike since the invention of the machine itself. It’s easy to let society or your peer group dictate your thoughts and actions, and we all probably fall prey to that at one time or another, but watch one of these films and realize it’s all entirely possible.