Create: Intro to BookWright

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So, if you are offended by Blurb content you might want to skip this film. Or, if you already know how to use Blurb BookWright then you are probably good. Someone reached out and asked me to make this film. I take for granted a lot of things that might be roadblocks for other folks. Like using software, editing images, sequencing, choosing materials, making test books, etc.

This is by no means a comprehensive walk-through of this software but it will show you a few things to get started and that is really the point. People waiting for perfection don’t make things. They just wait for a time and circumstance that doesn’t exist. Also, a reminder. All of this should be FUN. If you take your bookmaking and photography so seriously that it drives everyone around you a little bit wacky just back off and take stake in the idea that the vast majority of people in the world are simply looking for food, water, and shelter and to do best for their family. They do not and will not ever care about your work. That’s called perspective.

BookWright is a good piece of software. I use it a lot and have for years so I know how to use it and when. If you haven’t used it just remember it is far easier than something like Photoshop or Adobe Premiere. And way more fun than Excel. What’s not to like? Any issues let me know.