Adventure: Visual Diary #003

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I have to say, I’m loving this visual diary. Run, bike, book. I’m not saying this is a GOOD visual diary. I’m just saying it’s enjoyable to think about sharing the behind-the-scenes of what is happening in my life. I won’t share all of it, regardless of what I say in this film, but I will share some of the relevant things. Paddle, explore, photograph, teach, travel, etc. Fish? Hook kicks? This series is also a way for me to learn filmmaking without having to worry about an overall message specific to a certain film. The reality is, my filmmaking skills SUCK, and this actually bothers me. I need and want to improve because I can’t yet make what I see in my mind. One of the stops on my upcoming trip will put me with someone who is a DaVinci expert. He’s bent on getting me up to speed on DaVinci and on my way to becoming a middle-aged, YouTube wannabe. Wish me luck. The van is fueled, I have a day-by-day plan and I need to be somewhere else.