Creative: What Else Have We Learned, Episode Two

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Welcome friends. I did the first installment of this film last year while dwelling in Maine, so I thought it prudent to continue the conversation as I find myself, once again, in Maine. Just me talking about random things that may or may not be of interest. Sure, there is a bit of photography, kit, bookmaking, and potential travel scenarios but it’s mostly just me letting out the swirling of my head. First, I teach you how to lie. Don’t knock lying. Great skill and fun for all ages.

1. Smartphone collection, power of music.

2. Travel is possible but COVID is raging.

3. Photography is one thing, and bookmaking is another.

4. Journaling is difficult.

5. Maybe Paris?

6. My bag fetish is real.

7. My camera fetish is real. Don’t even THINK of comparing the Q2 and the X100.

8. My immediate goal, get better at filmmaking.

9. Water drama.

10. Ticks and the reality of today.