Creative: Albania Journal Final

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Finished. The latest in a string of journals dating back to 1993. This one was created by the good people at Blurb and contains work for my last trip to Albania earlier this year. There are several essential tips for journal-making. If you are simply pasting images in a book you aren’t journaling you are making a photo album, which is something all of us should be doing. This is one of the most important things a photographer can do. However, you must write not just paste photographs in a book if journaling is your endgame. Also, you need to write for yourself and not for us. If you are writing for us you are marketing and not journaling. Materials don’t matter. Whatever book, paper, and pens you use are just fine. Be honest. In an online world built around a phony facade, for craps’ sake, write honestly. Do this for two weeks and my guess is you will never stop. There is no right and wrong. Anyone who tells you there is a right and wrong is trying to sell you something. No go forth and journal.