Creative: Conversation Series, David Butow Part II

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What’s better than an interview with David Butow? Two interviews with David Butow. In this episode, we focus briefly on new developments in AI while narrowing our conversation more specifically to photography. What does David carry on assignment, how does he approach a scene and what happens with that work after a project is complete?

We hit editing, sequencing the origins of his Brink book, and much more.

This is a new format where you will only see the person speaking. I wish I could say this was done deliberately but it was not. Such is life working with Zoom. You will also note, near the end, my voice and my mouth are not completely in sync. The audio track is fine, so this was also something reflective of my Zoom connection. Luckily, this was only at the end and most people ignore what I’m saying most of the time anyway. These chances to speak with working pros are rare, so I hope you enjoy the conversation. Thank you to David for taking the time to participate. Also, at the very end he mentions he is teaching a workshop in Los Angeles later in the spring or early summer. This would be a good one if you are so inclined.