Creative: Photographer at War

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This is a photography film worth watching. Franco Pagetti speaking about his work in Afghanistan. He shows actual prints and breaks down the importance of each. This shows skill in editing and skill in knowing what images have actual resonance. Basically, the opposite of much of the online photography world. Hipsters don’t go to the Korengal Valley. Plain and simple. Each time I see a subpar photographer being hyped, which is a daily occurrence now, I think of someone like Franco. Knowing these people are out there, taking major risks to bring back the reality of war, it makes me feel like there is still hope in the world. It makes me feel like, at some distant point, the world will tire of the hype and bullshit and will, once again, return for the lean protein while turning our back on empty calories. (Not anytime soon.)

For those of you who don’t know, the Korengal Valley is considered one of if not the most dangerous area in all of Afghanistan.

To be stationed in the valley meant long patrols, extreme danger and nonstop daily attacks. High elevation and high drama. The legendary film Restrepo was made in this location. To get good at photography requires a level of commitment that most people won’t agree to. It’s that simple. Getting good at conflict photography takes this requirement and ups the degree of difficulty exponentially. Have a look, have a listen.