Creative: Affirmation

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I never needed it. I never wanted it. I know this works for me, but I’m not sure it works for you. And, I’m not judging you. If you need it, great. I get it. But if you need it, look for it from someone knowledgeable. Strangers and bots don’t mean a thing unless your needs are bordering on the unhealthy. Take the time to learn the legends who live in your area and make a plan. It may take a week, a month, or a year. Being driven by positive affirmation is a dangerous game, but it could be a game that leads you to become the best photographer anyone has ever seen.

Some of the best affirmations I have ever received came in the form of negative feedback, but it was delivered by people who were more accomplished and more knowledgeable. Did it sting? Yep. Did it force me to rethink and become a better photographer? Yep. We live in a soft age, an online age, where providing anything constructive is often considered off-limits. But those of you out there who live honest lives when it comes to shining the lens inward, well, you know you can’t hide from the truth. And yes, sometimes that truth hurts.