Creative: Question and Answer 55

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It’s been so long since I’ve done a Q&A that I had to go back and find out what episode I was on. Turns out, 55. The age I am about to encounter. Good grief. What have I accomplished at this point? Not much. Thank you to those who sent questions. I am one man with one opinion. Nothing more.

Pre-Episode: France and Spain update: Bookmaking Class with Raw Society and Sarah Leen:

1. 8:16, X100V?

2. 19:29, How do you get up when it’s cold, overcast and windy?

3. 22:04, What do you use for high-speed internet while on the road?

4. 25:32, What focal lengths frustrate you? And has the classic 35-70mm focal range become stale?

5. 29:53, How did you edit images during your darkroom days? Did you print all of your selects?

6. 35:30, On your Fuji, do you use Provia preset and are you editing RAW with a simple curve? Spot or multi?

7. 39:28, How do you do a book if you are afraid to commit?