Creative: Question and Answer 36


You asked for it, not really, and here it is. Yet another question and answer. My body has been asking questions my mind can’t cash. Now what? I have YOU to step in and ask away. Thank you to those who took the time to send questions, and just remember, I’m one guy with one opinion.

1. 2:14, How do you go about composing multiple exposures, and what “ingredients” do you need to make a good one?

2. 5:06, What do you do when you are done with photography as your career but still want to continue to be a photographer?

3. 11:54, How do you know when to stop researching? And what to do when you realized you won’t be the authority on a particular subject?

4. 16:32, How do you approach a scene?

5. 22:00, Why archive?

6. 28:28, How do you feel about the climax of the 2021 Formula One season?

7. 32:34, Do you feel that setting devices to black and white is a good tool for learning lighting and composition?