Create: Advancing your Photography, Part Two

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Back by popular demand. Me on me and me on you and me on creativity and responsibility. For me, this is where things get truly interesting for anyone who considers themselves a professional. I do think this ideology applies to ANYONE involved in creative enterprise but for the pro, it is particularly important. Context. Where do you fit? How does society view what you are doing and how are you contributing?

Fooled ya. Just a placeholder. Film is below. Some of my favorite people on Earth in this photograph.

I’ve been preaching for the past decade that it takes more than being a photographer to be a photographer in the modern era. We need to be more than people who press the button. There are simply too many humans skilled enough to create “content,” which is about ninety-five percent of the work that you see. Photography on the other hand, well, photography ain’t easy and is as rare today as it ever has been. And what any good image-maker is after is THEIR work, which is basically the only thing that has a chance in Hell of surviving the modern attention span.