Create: Hip to be Square?

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I know for some of you I might seem like a good photographer. While I’ve won my share of photo-battles over the years I would never self-assign that title. Doing so just feels wrong. I started my career in journalism where the 35mm ruled the day, and rightly so. The life of a news photographer is unpredictable on a good day. But over time I began to see the work of other photographers I respected and began to wonder why they chose to work in varying formats, like 6×6 for example. This prompted me to begin to explore. And again, I won a few battles but lost many more. What happens when it doesn’t work? Do we cry and quit or factor in the defiance and start anew? There are several takeaways from this film. One, things don’t always work. Two, there might be other options. Three, you have to make YOUR image or over time your love of this game will diminish. (I’ve seen this happen countless times.) So keep plugging.