Sydney Journal Nine

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“I wanted a mission and for my sins they gave me one.” Captain Willard.

Upriver. Parramatta. Green to gold and then to black. Bubbling. Turmoil. Jet foil. Narrower and narrower. “It’s a slow boat,” someone warns but the thrust of the jet fools us into thinking it’s going to blaze. Stop after stop. Sleep on an inside seat. Dreams I can’t remember. Straps of my bag twisted around my arm. No guarantee. I’m some other place now.
Deep tracks on a retired court. Pools of water. Rain speckles the deck. Push and carve. Overlooking the second city. A plan is formed, broken into thirds. I’m not worried. Well traveled road here.
Two dollar flatbread. Destruction of the old, in with the new. Turn the place over and then move on. Escaping from the city feels like just that. An escape, although looking back I can see where we started from. Not that far. What if we could do whatever we want? What would the plan be? I actually don’t know. Prepping images for print. An idea forms. A partnership.
Step one. Leave the desk.

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  1. The opening sentence … gave me the chills. Love that movie and how it made me feel first time I saw it when I was a kid.

    Seems that you got your mission and it is getting under your skin. Becoming part of you. You are beat up by the road and the schedule. But deep inside of you you know you are the right one for this job, and you ain’t going back home without finishing it … If you reach the madness say hi to Dennis Hopper for me.

    Remember, Charlie don’t surf but in Aus everyone does …

    1. Post

      Great movie. This trip is EASY in comparison. Working on some cool stuff now. Magcloud Digest with Garry in real time. Making prints this morning. He is designing as we speak.

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