Real Time Sydney Book v2 with Garry Trinh

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What happens after the prints are made, the sequence is chosen and things move forward? We make decisions. A change of course. From Blurb Trade Book to Magcloud Digest. Why? Garry has never done a Magcloud publication, so reason enough right there. Also, we have an abundance of landscape images. For some reason I rarely shoot vertical images with the x100T. With the Leica I probably shoot more verticals than anyone else. Not sure why this is. The digest is a great format for landscape, has amazing print quality and is also very affordable. Stay tuned for an audio tip in regard to the Blurb/Magcloud Digest.

Yesterday we ventured to Watsons Bay to try and add to the take. My first venture to the water on this trip. The edge of the continent. Flashes of underwater white as bait fish take flight from something larger. Wind. An emptiness to the sea here. Foreboding. Unforgiving but so, so beautiful. The spacing is right but this is no guarantee I can make images. Garry does this thing. I know he will come back with frames.

Another trip to make prints. Button, button, button, pressing buttons. Five minutes later they are done and inside my trust Tenba. We lay them out with the others then try to make sense. I leave Garry alone to work his magic. Don’t want too many different fingerprints on this.
We make a quick trip outside of CBD to get photographed for a JR project. Back to CBD. Back to the room. Back to the edit and design. Stay tuned for post number three and the first spreads….
Note wind blown hair and endless supply of gluten free cookies. No expense is spared here at Shifter Sydney Command Center. Endless budget. Endless grooming products. Endless shameless marketing t-shirts.

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  1. So cool. What a great way to do this. I have been sequencing inside bookwright but using prints is better. Mainly because, anything to get away from the computer.

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      It’s WAY more fun and actually far easier. Then you get to glue them in books!

  2. I do that too… Prints putting on the floor helps me to make hopefully a good sequence. When I do it on the Computer especially for weddings I have the feeling the screen is way to small… But sometimes it helps to scale the thumbnails smaller and bigger to see a sequence. 🙂 Great post by the way!

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