Read: This Machine Kills Secrets

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As you know, I have a thing for hacking, those who hack, those who leak and those who provide the platforms for leaking. I actually don’t do any of these things myself, nor do I actually know anyone who does, but the idea of what these people do is endlessly intriguing to me. So is the lack of response to their work. I first noticed Andy Greenberg while watching a documentary and figured “He’s probably written something.” Turns out…he has. “This Machine Kills Secrets,” is a book you can’t put down. I blazed through this thing then found myself thinking “Come on Andy, get off your ass and write something else.” If you spend any portion of your day thinking about the world, about corruption, war or government oversight of the inner workings of our lives then this book is for you. The book details, among other things, Julian Assange, the Cypherpunks and their fight to empower whistleblowers. Get it, read it.

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