Read: The Secret Knowledge of Water

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There is a lot more going on in the desert than you know. Craig Childs, once again, delivers what’s really going on and more in “The Secret Knowledge of Water,” an eloquently detailed book about things that border on the unbelievable. This guy can write. You read a book like this and think “Okay, well, no need for me to try to write anything like this.” “He already did it, and it’s far better than anything I could muster.” So just read it and enjoy it. And don’t forget the places he writes about, most of them, are under threat from us. You and me. Maybe not you and me specifically but we are partly to blame. Sure the people who want to build and build and build and put gondolas on the edge of the Grand Canyon are evil, and more importantly greedy, but our complacency is what allows them to proceed. These environmental issues are NOT part of this book, but if you are interested in a book like this then I’m guessing you might be interested in preserving these places, or at the very least knowing about them. He’s good. Read anything he does.

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