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This was my follow up read to the “other” Patagonia book I posted about last week. “The Responsible Company” focuses more on business specifics, philosophy and what they have learned by trying to run a company without causing unnecessary harm. It’s not easy. Books like these, at least for me, are about the small things. The mentions or brief descriptions of things I would take for granted. Like the resources required to make one shirt. They are staggering. I’m lucky because I like keeping things as long as possible. I don’t believe your car is really your car until the third set of tires. I like old clothes and bags and cameras even. I turned this years’s holiday shopping into a Patagonia marathon of sorts. I’ll explain at some point. The family is involved. Thanks to Mr. Denver for the recommendation! It was Mr. Denver right?

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  1. Yes sir. They are an amazing company, building gear that lasts while being stewards not just to the environment but to all the people that work for them both directly and indirectly. More companies should follow their model. A healthy, sustainable, and profitable, business can be built that way. You just have to work a bit harder and smarter. Glad you enjoyed the read.

    My next recommendation, if you haven’t seen it, is the movie 180 South.

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