Read: The Reluctant Fundamentalist

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This is a beautiful book. So smoothly written it felt EFFORTLESS. The entire book is based on one conversation, in one cafe in Pakistan. In short, The Reluctant Fundamentalist is about the changing shape of humanity and the global, interconnected culture post 9/11. It’s about promise, hope,politics and the unraveling of even the most well thought through plans. Geopolitical quagmires and those caught in the middle. I just found out this is a movie….how did I miss this? I must have been taking selfies.

A few years ago I went to see David Halberstam speak. If you don’t know him I’m going to punch you in the neck. Anyway, when asked about key countries we should be watching he answered immediately “Pakistan.” Most Americans have ZERO idea Pakistan was a strategic partner of the US in the region for YEARS. So when we went to war with Afghanistan, and the Taliban, least on the surface, was our partner. We are still at war.

This book is well worth your time and effort. It’s beautiful. Also a very short, easy read but I enjoyed it. Get it, read it. By the way, this was the first post done with my iPad Pro. (Please alert the media.)

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